No pretence

Local, fresh, and fun food that pairs perfectly with natural wine.

Natural wine

We have one of the best natural wine cellars in Canada!

Sundaze Snack Bar

We've changed things up on Sunday!

We are now open from 2:30pm to 8:30pm

Bring a book? Some Games? Your Family? Graze on some small plates on the terrace, sip some special wines by the glass and take it easy... like Sunday Morning!

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Arlo @ Home

  • Nicole

    This is hands down the best restaurant in Ottawa. Arlo strikes that amazing balance of having a sommelier and chef/ kitchen that are passionate and can deliver on technique and knowledge without “trying too hard”. Arlo is the restaurant you wish was yours.

  • Madj

    The only place in Ottawa you can trust to have a great time from start to finish. Food, wine list and cocktails are curated and executed so wonderfully. Oysters are shucked great. Always love coming here.

  • JayTee

    The service was excellent - warm and friendly. The wine selection is just incredible. Every time I go I get the chance to try a new wine that I've never heard of before - their selection of Pet-Nat never disappoints!

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